the olsen fam

the olsen fam

Monday, August 23, 2010

aug 23rd, 2010

"p" day is here once again! not too much to update on this week. laylee is getting so big! she has officially grown out of her preemie clothes and is on to her 0-3 mnth outfits (i know it's a little sad that she is just now in newborn clothes). she is turning into the biggest (and cutest) chunky monkey on the planet! shes starting to become more expressive and smile alot more! she's a pistol FOR SURE and will let you know when she doesnt like something your doing (she doesnt like being mooched too much these days. it makes her pretty pissed). for every ones info her hair is the most interesting shade of dirty strawberry blonde, (tyler and i both had light hair color as children for those who don't know) and her eyes are slowly but surely changing. my bet is, there gonna be green. tyler thinks they are going to be hazel.. since both his eyes and mine are an interesting blend of colors that tend to change with the color of clothing we wear. now for a bit of downer news... laylees STILL struggling to poop on a regular basis, though she is finally going on her own (but only every three or four days). it was reccommended to us by the dr. that we start giving her an oz or two of straight water in between her bottle feedings to help losen things up. it was also suggested that we put just the tiniest bit of apple juice in her milk to help stimulate things. we tried the apple juice and it didn't seem to help her much... so now were starting her on the routine of a little water after each meal. laylee is officially and sadly a completely formula baby now. after getting SOOO sick with that upper respiritory virus, my milk dried up from all the decongestant meds they had me on (i didn't know that breasts have sinuses too and if you take decongestants it will dry you up). so now she is on enfamil "gentle ease" for babies with gas and fussy issues.. which  she definately has.

yesterday i told tyler that he would have to help me with laylee during the night. sunday morning she woke up a total monstrous child. she was not a happy camper.. and i could NOT figure out why! so i laid her in her crib and let her fuss it out until it she passed out. i was EXHAUSTED. so tyler (once again bein the awesome dad that he is) stayed up with her fussy little butt ALL night, feeding her, changing her and comforting her through her whiny fits.

one more little piece of exciting news... tyler got his first calling in the church! he is now the secretary of elders corrum! i am so proud of him and this is a really exciting step to see him take! he is in charge of keeping all the records accurate for the members of elders corrum. he has to stay after church for an extra 30 minutes or so to update notes and such... which isn't bad considering all he has to do after meetings end.

this morning when we went to walmart to take the missionaries to do there grocery shopping, tyler and i stocked up on groceries for the ever approaching trip to montana to see tina (my mom in law!) so she can meet her precious grandbaby for the first time! we are so excited to go and spend some time with her. although i can honestly say that ty is NOT looking forward to the 15 and 1/2 hour trip there (although with a baby it could be more like 18 hours.) were hoping that the vibrations from the car will lull her to sleep and she will be peaceful through the trip (with the exception of feeding and changings). after running grocery errands, i stopped by a few places to pick up applications since i am trying to find some steady work BEFORE winter hits and its impossible to find good employment. i am going to have my hands seriously full between work, school and being a mother. i know it sounds absolutely phycotic... but in the long run it WILL pay off and be worth all the lack of sleep and exhaustion. tyler has offered to watch her while i work and do school, at least until he gets the clearance to go back to work. then we'll have to figure out a different situation.

a little update on tylers hand situation... things are looking better every week. he continues to go to therapy in pueblo twice weekly. dr. marin is going to see him again on the 30th (on our way to montana we are stopping for his appointment) to review his updated x rays and see how things are healing. ty can ALMOST make a fist now with the exception of his ring and middle finger still struggling to have full range of motion. bill (tys therapist) gave him some putty to play with to exersize the muscles in his hand.. although i must say i've found him playing with it for entertainment more than i have seen him working his hand out with it. he's a big kid at heart... which i think is why he makes such an awesome daddy!
well thats about it for this weeks update guys.. hope you enjoyed the news! next weeks update will be next monday!

Monday, August 16, 2010

aug 16th, 2010

today is the elders "p" day once again and so we headed into alamosa. i had an appointment with dr gregg to make sure my i.u.d. hadnt slipped out of place (it didn't). we did our grocery shopping and i got some more yarn for the new hat project i am starting... THE OWL! it is super cute. i am making one for my friend shawnies lil boy. cant wait to see how cute it is on him! laylee is being so good! and getting so big! she is more and more beautiful every day! i am trying to enjoy every minute of her being this tiny... even though it is incredibly hard some days. i know it wont last long. before i know it she will be walking down the isle...

aug 15th, 2010

we went to church this morning and spring colmbes (the relief socioty president) asked if i would be in relief socioty today so they could present me with something. i didn't wanna be, because laylee had kept me up all night and i was incredibly tired. but i decided to suck it up and go. our sacrament meeting was on temples. we heard from the youth about their experiences. it was cute to watch how nervous they all were. i don't blame them. i'm not much good in front of big crowds either. after sacrament ty and i headed to sunday school where we has an awesome lesson on prophets and why we need them. spring watched laylee through most of sunday school. she puked all over her after trying to eat and aparently getting an upset tummy! we felt so bad.. ty must have apologized at least twice.. but spring has 8 children, she has had plenty of experience getting barfed on. ty offered to take laylee off my hands once sunday school was over and he was headed to elders corrum.. but she was asleep in my arms and i didnt want her to wake up. plus if she needed changing, i couold just go into the mothers lounge... but ty really wouldnt have anywhere to take care of her. so into relief socioty we went. after the anouncements spring presented laylee and i with an adorable baby blanky that they had made during a mother daughter evening activity i had missed earlier that week. it was super cute and i was so touched by it. i sat down and we coontinued with our lesson. it was on spiritual gifts and how we should spend more time trying to find our own. it was an awesome lesson!!

aug 14th, 2010

i fell down the stairs last night and jacked up my back trying to get a binki for laylee. that's what happens when you are basically walking down a steep set of stairs in your sleep! for whatever reason all the phones here in the valley are down. land lines, cell phones and even internet are completely out of service and no one knows what happened. tyler watched laylee ALL afternoon so i could get some sleep and try to rest my back. he and the elders left at 4 p.m. to help a new member of the church move in up in alamosa. he was gone for a good three hours unloading his trailer. i didn't feel well at all so i slept with laylee next to me in the bed the whole day. im surprised she stayed quiet.. even when she was just laying there... i think somehow she knew i wasnt doing well and i needed the rest because she was remarkably good all day.

aug 13th, 2010

we went to pueblo with tyler today for his therapy session. we got there abput two hours early so we went to the mall and killed time browsing through stores and spending time as a family. it was sooo much fun. we got stopped a lot in just about every store by people that wanted to see laylee and talk to us about her. its a huge ego boost for us to get stopped and hear that we have an incredibly cute baby. we got back in the car at about 1:45 in order to make it to tys therapy appointment in time. his therapist, bill is awesome. he is super friendly and loves talking with us about kids (it's one major thing we find we have in common). we were there for about an hour before his therapy was done. ty had wanted to take laylee to the zoo for a while but i wanted to wait till she was a lil older. we decided today was the day! so with camera in hand we headed over to the zoo! laylee had so much fun! her favorates were the otters and penguins! ty held her to the glass and she got completely wide eyed and just watched in amazment as they swam around her, curious as to what she was. ty moved her back and forth in front of the glass and they followed her as if to try and play with her! it was too cute!. after a couple hours at the zoo we were all very tired and a little burnt from the hot coloroado sun, so we made the decsision to pack up and head home. laylee and i both slept the entire two hour trip back to la jara, by the time we got home it was dark and we were all ready for bed. so we ate and tucked ourselves in for the night... what a day!

aug 11th, 2010

well, i got my i.u.d. placed this morning... i am not a happy camper. it was rather painful and now i am severly crampy and very grumpy. laylee has also been diagnosed with thrush, which would explain why she hasn't been eating good and has been bleeding out of her mouth... poor baby. dr. gregg gave her a prescription for it to help it go away. i hope it helps. in the mean time we went over to dads house to change the oil in the car. the sanford and la jara missionaries came over with us to help. i played on my pole for a couple hours while laylee took a nap. it felt good to work out, but i thought i had knocked my i.u.d. around because i felt a pinching pain during my pole work (yes i do pole dance for exersize... it is the best workout on the planet!). on the bright side, i can tell i am getting stronger because i did the ayesha (a very difficult inverted pole move) for the first time in over a year! i was so proud of myself!. after i had totally exhausted myself.. i helped dad clean the kitchen and the bathroom because he seemed very tired and had had a rough day on the rig. when the oil was changed and we were all ready to go home, we dropped off the elders at their house and shot on up to alamosa to pick up laylees baby swing only to get home and realize we couldnt put it together (it looks like there is a faulty piece inside the pipe.. the pieces dont fit together) it was oober frustrating and i even cried over it.. (damn post pardum hormones) can't wait till i feel better and can hold my baby girl again. i miss the bonding i get from feeding and playing with her.

aug 10th, 2010

tyler went to therapy again today for his hand. its getting better and better.. he still can't make a fist yet. i've spent the morning working on my baby hats and watching cartoons and m.a.s.h. so far on my baby hats i've created a skunk hat (which i actually didn't like much so i won't be doing any more), an owl hat, a mouse hat and a froggy hat.. along with other non critter related cute designs. they are so fun to make and i am getting really good at it. i called dianne hostetter this morning and checked up on laylee. she said she slept so good she had to get up every two hours to make sure she was still alive! lol i wish she would sleep that good for us!. i have my 6 week post pardum appointment with dr. gregg tomorow to get my iud placed. i may have check on me for my virus again if this doesnt get better...

aug 9th, 2010

i am REALLY sick today... i still feel like absolute dooky. i was hoping to feel better... but no such luck. i tried to get into see dr gregg but she was completely booked. so tyler took me to the convenient care clinic across from walgreens in alamosa. they diagnosed me with a highly contagious nasty upper resperitory virus. so i called sister hostetter and asked her to watch laylee for a few days until i had a chance to clean and disinfect the house. she said she would love to watch her. i did NOT want my baby to get sick! shes still so tiny and young. when we got home from the dr's, ty packed up all her things and drove her over to the hostetters house. i cried when they left. i was going to miss her so much. i'm not used to constantly having her right there with me. when ty got home i was still crying and he got the fun job of comforting his sick wife until i was secure in myself again. having laylee gone sucked but it was good to have some alone time with my hubby. we snuggled and watched movies all day while i drank tea and rested.

sunday aug, 8th, 2010

tyler told me this morning that he finally knew what it was like for me to have laylee kicking me all night while she was in my tummy, keeping me from sleeping. laylee is a big wiggle worm while shes falling asleep. i didnt feel too good this morning. i woke up with stuffy nose, itchy eyes and a whole lot of phlem. laylee kept ty up ALL night and it was rather hard getting up out of a bed that was smashed down by kylies bunk above. it was also a little difficult that we had to warm up all of her bottles the old fashioned way with boiling hot water over a stove... it took forever and keeping her from crying and waking up dad and ky while it was heating up was a giant nightmere too. when dad and ky woke up we started making breakfast (bacon and scrambled eggs.. it was soo good) after which we packed everything up and got ready to make the long journey home. laylee slept in my lap most of the way through the mountain passes, while ty and kylie walked and jogged outside next to the truck for exersize. tyler wrapped his tank top around his head and neck to keep from getting burnt. from a distance he looked like an iranian. it was pretty funny. after about 9 miles they both jumped on the side of the truck to hitch rides (eventually they both got back in the truck). i passed laylee off to ty and laid down in the back. i was started to feel worse and worse.. so i took a benadryl and tried to lay low. it was only about two hours to get home (dont ask me why it took longer to get there than longer to get home). i felt so crummy by the time we got back to the house i just passed laylee off to tyler and tucked myself in for the night.

saturday aug, 8th, 2010

we got up super early today to head to dads so we can get on the road up to lost lake for our camping trip. laylee seemed to be in good spirits. i had all of our things packed and ready to go. we got to dads at about 9 a.m. he already had everything hooked up and ready to go. we had some oatmeal for breakfast and i gave laylee her bottle then we all packed into the truck (tyler, dad, kylie, laylee and i) and started out on our long drive up to lost lake. laylee and i slept most of the way while dad and tyler made the occasional stop to shoot a prarie dog or two. we made a stop about half way there and i changed laylee on my lap in the back of the truck. she pee'd on me of course.. after we got cleaned up we got back on the road (if you could call it that.. we were literally in the mountains). it took us a total of about three hours to get to lost lake. it was absolutely gorgeous up there. the trees were the most vibrant color green and the lake was so clear and pretty. dad and ty set up a little camp site for us all while i tried to give laylee a bottle. she must have been upset by the altitude change or something because she was aweful fussy and didnt wanna eat. she continued to be unhappy through most of the afternoon and we all took turns holding her and trying to console her. in between laylee shifts, we fished and spent time in the beauty of the outdoors. tyler chopped firewood and made an attempt to catch some minos for bate (he was unfortunately unsuccessful). we never did catch anything. later that everning we saw some nasty clouds rolling in... and just after we had started the fire too! the nasty thunderstorm rolled in fast and we were all forced into the trailer for about two hours. thankfully laylee had taken a bottle and was sleeping peacfully (one less thing we had to worry about). after the storm passed we spent time around the campfire making smores and enjoying the warmth and light of the fire. it wasnt long before we were all VERY tired and ready to turn in. dad and tyler got all the beds ready while ky and i took turns holding laylee and getting things ready for bed. after every one was tucked in for the night.. tyler and i had a hell of a time getting laylee to sleep. she was up constantly through the night. it was a total NIGHTMERE. poor ty didnt get any sleep because laylee was snuggled up against him and she kicked him all night.

friday aug 6th, 2010

tyler and i decided yesterday that we needed to take laylee to see jan (a miracle worker in my eyes. she does all natural healing, chiropractics and the readjusting of organs). when we got there she started working on her hips. she said laylees hip was out a good inch. when she got to her organs she noticed right away that her stomache was completely out of wack. her intestines were crammed down way further down than they should have been. she readjusted her and worked on the rest of her for about 15 mins. she was still pretty fussy but she seamed a lot happier. jan said if she hasn't pooped by tomorow she wants her to come back in for another session. i'm going to put her down for a nap and see how she does after that...

its 4 p.m. and laylee is doing much better! shes eating well and taking naps regularly again. i'm so happy she is more like herself now! because she is doing better we decided were going to go camping this weekend! i can't wait it's going to be so much fun!

thursday, aug 5th, 2010

i am soooo tired today. when laylee woke me up this morning... i could not get up, so ty pitched in and helped me with her this morning. it was a near impossablility to get her back to sleep. she wouldnt eat, poop or take a binki! ty got his check reimbersment for his mileage trips to pueblo, so we had to make a run into alamosa to deposit it in the bank. laylee continued to fuss and cry ALL  day! ty's dad came over and helped us with her for a bit to give us a break (grandpa to the rescue!) after hours of not eating she FINALLY took a bottle and settled down. i'm exhausted from today so off to bed i go (yes... i know it was a short post).

wednesday, aug 4th, 2010

yesterday we took laylee to the dr. because her colic is really bad for whatever reason right now and we wanted to make sure nothing serious was going on. upon our arrival they immediately ordered a full belly ultrasound because the dr could hear a lot of air in her tummy when he tapped on it. so we headed straight over to the hospital and had the ultrasound done. she DID NOT like that at all!! we had to strip her down to her diaper (obviously) so the technician could apply the lube. it must have been REALLY cold because when they put it on she immediately started screaming.. and she didnt stop AT ALL until it was over. the worst part was when tyler and i had to stretch out her arms and legs because she was pulling her limbs in to try and keep the tech from doing her job. after the ultrasound was done we went back to the dr's office to await the results. it took FOREVER... we waited for over an hour before they came in to tell us that they didnt see anything abnormal for now, but we need to keep a close eye on her and bring her back in if she can't poop on her own soon. at 5 pm we went laser bowling! it was so much fun! and laylee slept through the whole thing, which was a huge relief considering she had been fussing ALL day long. it gave ty and i a chance to have some fun and kick back for a bit. after bowling tyler dropped laylee and i off at the house and got ready for basketball (he plays basketball with the church members every tue at 7). they ended up just helping the relief socioty clean up after a mother daughter evening activity that had taken place earlier that night. when ty came home he tossed some hotwings in the oven (it's one of our favorate "quick fix" dinners) while i bathed laylee and got her all swaddled and ready for bed. we snuggled up on the couch, watched "scrubs" and enjoyed our hotwings until we were both ready to pass out. ty hopped in the shower and i decided to tuck myself in for the night. laylee didn't wake me up for a feeding till 3 a.m. tyler was sooo sweet. i was too tired to get up with her so tyler got up and made her a bottle so i could rest. he really is an amazing father to her!. laylee has reached the point in her development where if she doesnt have constant interaction she gets bored and fusses. after feeding her, changing her, and giving her a little play time... she just starts crying. so this morning i was forced to do something i hate... let her scream it out. she cried off and on for about an hour before giving up the ghost and finally going back to sleep. when she finally woke back up i had to give her another suppository! ... poor thing just can't poop. she's projectile vomiting on me after just about every meal too. ty's wanting to go up to lost lake this weekend to go camping with dad... but i'm not sure that is such a good idea with how sicky she's been acting. the next few days will be the deciding factor... i hope she gets to feeling better soon. i hate seeing her so upset.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

poor laylee

so for the last week, our poor lil' laylee marie has been a constant fuss bucket. she requires alot of encouragement to eat and has not been able to have a bowel movement without help from suppositories (bless her poor little bum). she was seen this morning about her tummy troubles and after an ultrasound and a lot of screaming they determined there were no serious tummy troubles... just a lot of air. so we expect her to be quite fussy for the next little while till this resolves itself. until then, there is going to be very little sleep for me. hopefully, i can beg ty to take her off my hands for a bit sometime soon so i can recover. on the upside of things.. today is the missionaries district "p" day (or preperation day) and we had made plans to go laser bowling! which could be fun if laylee decides to be a good girl! we will see how that goes... more updates (and pictures if i can figure out how to load them from my phone or the library) to come very soon!