the olsen fam

the olsen fam

Monday, July 11, 2011

ok guys, im so sorry i haven't had much time to update the blog as of late. i finally got far enough ahead on my homework that i can take a minute to put up some adorable pics. there are some pics of laylees first birthday in here. we all had so much fun and laylee was so excited about her first cake!!! 
this is an older picture of our lil bug but it was too cute not to post. she was making her "fruit face"
lil bug dribbling milk all over herself while she gazed into dadas eyes. 
our future dr.!!
lil angel sleeping..
sleeps just like daddy
laylee loves her "bunny bunny"
mama snuggles
taking a stroll to the movie store on dada's shoulders.
boo bug kickin it with papap
" i love my milk"
crazy baby eyes!
every one gathering outdoors for the food and cake!
"don't you dare take that picture..."
our roomie jason and his boy xavier getting ready for bday dinner!
"i can smell that cake!"
daddy moochies
happy girl

post sugar crash
playing with my toes...
i pulled myself up to my knees all by myself today!!
ooops... busted
"mommy WOW, im a big girl NOW!"
wud up doc??
come any closer... and i'll gum your ankles!!!
nap time with bunny bunny

Friday, June 24, 2011

new updates and pictures!

sorry i haven't updated in a while guys... but we have some really great and cute things posted here! from the time laylee was sick to her most recent physical therapy appointment and goofiest moments. enjoy!!!
daddy snuggling his sicky baby girl...
daddy and his boo bug..
chowing down
our future dr.
almost a yr old and she still gets milk face!
laylee bug! loving her new car seat!
our little bug, taking a power nap!!
crashed out in her bed.. which she is fast outgrowing. good thing we got her a new bed for her b day!!
laylee and her prized posession... her pink bunny
caught by surprise!
chillin on mommy's tummy
laylee taking a walk on daddy's shoulders!!
these are some videos of laylees physical therapy appointments she has been attending every week on tuesdays

laying on mommy's tummy!
mommy snuggles for a tired baby girl
laylee playin with mommy's safeway cards during a grocery run
laylee riding on her daddy's shoulders
our future medical proffessional!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

new pics of laylee marie bug!

Hey guys! here are some new pictures and updates on laylee! she is getting super big and so fun. She is VERY willful (as if we weren't all anticipating that) and knows what she wants! she will be a year old on June 27th! she has the most gorgeous big eyes and smile i have ever seen. She still does not have any teeth yet.. but is working on it. Everything that she grabs goes straight into her mouth. She is still struggling to have regular bowel movements. They are constantly hard and every poop she suffers from anal fissures (little tears and cuts in her bum). We will be taking her back to the physician to see if we can't get her on a different medication to help her out a little bit. She currently weighs 16 lbs and when standing reaches just above my knee caps. she is going to be alot taller than her mommy. Tyler is a great daddy. He plays with her all the time and she seems to be a daddy's girl for sure. She is still in physical therapy and is doing great. she is now at a 6 month level of activity. she rolls over on her own and is trying to get on all fours to crawl. Her hair is growing out nicely and we can now pull it up into micro sized pig tails! they are very cute and she doesn't seem to mind me doing her hair as long as she has something to play with while i do it. 
yummy fingers

laylee getting caught playing with the plastic covering for all her diapers.. little stinker
our lil baby passed out on our way home from my girl friends baby shower.
we were trying to keep her awake longer to avoid her waking up in the middle of the night.. she passed out on us anyway!
goofy girl
kickin' it with daddy!
daddy playing with his lil' angel during meal time!
cutie lil' bug!
i think i caught her by surprise. notice her daddy's long toes!!

lil' laylee monkey face

snuggly girl; watching movies with daddy!