the olsen fam

the olsen fam

Monday, September 27, 2010

home again home again...

i wasn't able to update before we left utah but here's a few small updates since we've returned...
so were finally back in la jara colorado. can't say i am too pleased to be back in the middle of no where... but i must say, laylee seems much happier now that she's home and back in her usual surroundings. she was all smiles this morning when i woke up with her. i have never seen her so happy! she even giggled for me! thats only the second time she has EVER laughed! so cute! wish i had gotten it on video so i could share with every one that precious moment. i did however find some cute pics of laylee and her daddy right after he had arrived to pick us up.
loves her daddy soooo much!

 it was so hard for me to leave my family in salt lake. i cried a good portion of the drive home and laylee must have felt the tension because she didn't seem too happy either. we survived the 9 hour drive home and went straight over to dad's for some yummy pasta and garlic bread. he was sooo excited to see laylee. it had been almost a month since he had last held and smooched on her. every one is floored by how big she is getting! pretty soon she's not going to be a baby anymore...

we got up early yesterday and went to church. the lessons were awesome! we have an elderly couple that is on a senior mission teaching our sunday school classes for the next 9 weeks! the 9 week lessons are all on family and how we can make our families stronger. i LOVE that theme since ty and i are just starting our family. maybe it will help to start it off right!.
after church we went over to dad's for some sunday night football! broncos versus the indianapolis colts! ...we were all bummed because we lost! but we can't be too sad because the colts are an AWESOME team! at least we didn't get completely stomped! it could've been alot worse!
laylee watching sunday night football with grandpa olsen!
 tyler went to play basketball with the elders this afternoon for their district "p" day. laylee and i sat on the side lines and cheared tyler on!

rara rara reeee kick em' in the knee! rara ras kick em' in the ... other knee!
and then... she passed out
i had a doctors appointment with dr. gregg at 1:45 to check the status of my i.u.d. everything is looking great! so no worries about any more kiddos till ty and i are ready! (which if i have my way will NOT be until laylee is well out of diapers and potty trained!)

small update on the hats i've been making. i'm so close now to having all the designs i need to write up my buisness plan for the company. heres another design i have done that will be boy specific!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

last two days...

so things got a little bit scary with laylee yesterday. that night before, she had been wheezing consistently and it seemed as though she was struggling to breath. i was really worried but told myself it would be okay. but it didn't go away. it got better during the day for whatever reason, but she would still wees occasionally. i contacted Dr. Gregg and she said take her to e.r. because from the sounds of her symptoms she thought it could have been r.s.v. so i contacted a few different hospitals to try and find some where that would take out of state Medicaid. after being denied, Jewell recommended i call Colorado Medicaid and ask if there was anything they could do to help... all they did was tell me that i COULD go to the hospital but that i would be 100% responsible for the bill. panicked, i called Tyler and told him that he would have to head out that night to get us instead of the following day. he wasn't supposed to get the money to come get us until the next day so he was scrambling to get ahold of his dad to help him get to s.l.c. once he knew he could make it out, he packed up the car and left. while Ty was on the road things got increasingly more stressful with the baby. with the Dr. urging me to go to e.r. and no way to pay for it... i became an emotional wreck. luckily dad knew a member in his ward that was a pediatrician. he gave him a call and agreed to meet us at his office after hours to look at laylee and tell us if it was an emergency or if it were something that could wait to be treated. once we were in the office she was thoroughly examined by the Dr. and he determined she had the croup. the recommended treatment was pedialyte, nasal drops and a cold air humidifier... all of which my parents provided (thank god since i didn't have any money.) the physician told us if her wheezing got serious and she struggled to breath to the point where she was turning colors.. to take her to e.r. and they would give her a steroid treatment. relieved to hear it wasn't anything too serious... i called Tyler and let him know what was going on. Tyler finally arrived here in s.l.c. at about 1 a.m. and i wish i had taken pictures of how sweet the reunion was between baby laylee and her daddy. she was ALL smiles! i hadn't seen her so happy since right before her daddy left. one thing is to be said about laylee... she loves BOTH her parents around her. if one of us is removed from the picture... she's just not as happy. i was pretty excited to see my hubby too! it had been two weeks and i was anxious to get in some hugs and kisses (kinda hard to compete for the attention though when daddy and his little girl were being as cute as they were.)

we slept great and laylee bug only woke me up once to eat during the night. she is doing okay now, still wheezing occasionally (and still very needy) but doing MUCH better than before.

today Jewell volunteered to babysit while Ty and i went out to "run errands". it became an all day outing! and was super fun! we drove around, had lunch together and did a little bit of shopping... what could be better. when we came home dad took us back up to the mountains AGAIN (can you tell i LOVE it up there) so that Tyler could see the changing leaves. we stopped in sundance and walked around. it is truly beautiful this time of year.

we drove the windy roads through the alpine loop.. enjoying EVERY second. dad even spotted a moose in the trees just off the road! what a treat this was! ... but wait it gets better! when we thought the moose had disappeared into the trees we spotted it again.. but THIS time Tyler noticed there was also a BABY moose! it was so cute! but we didn't wanna get too close and have it mow over!

after a very eventful trip to the canyon, we came home and dad barbecued chicken and made garlic bread (yum!) and now we are getting ready to curl up as a family and watch prince of Persia! what an awesome day...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Utah trip!

so laylee and i"s Utah trip to see family is coming to an end! we only have two more days before Tyler comes to pick us up. it has been full of fun memories we will never forget. here are a few pics of the daddy daughter (and grand daughter) date we had with daddy a few days ago

it was a total blast! although i have to admit, it was super hard golfing with an extra 9 (and then some) lbs strapped to me! (dad discovered that too... as you can see). after words we hit up a restaurant with the best middle eastern food on the planet! "BOMBAY HOUSE!" i have missed Indian food so much! we don't have ANY Indian restaurants where we live in Colorado.

also on this trip i have spent alot of time working on my hats and trying to get a booth for next years "holy cow" boutique! i am super excited! here are just a few pics of hats i have made in the last week

"the monkey" modeled by my precious nephew Preston
"the cow" in blck and wht modeled by laylee bug

"the pumpkin" part of my seasonal ONLY stock
                        modeled by laylee (of course)
a few days after our daddy daughter date.. dad suggested we take a drive up the canyon to see the changing leaves. they are so pretty! dad and Jewell said their not as pretty as they normally are cause it's still a little early... but we don't have seasonal color changes at all in la jara! so it was awesome to see the beautiful trees! it got dark really fast and you could really see the moon lighting up the mountains.. that was so cool.

also on this trip i have had the awesome opportunity to visit with family and friends! Tyler was able to visit with chad and Rachel and their two cute kids Parker and Avery. it was a blast being able to see them again. last time i saw Rachel was at the baby shower when i was six months pregnant. such a treat to spend time with them. Ali and i spent some time at grandma gibbons house along with mom, aunt Donna, and baby laylee. here's a sweet picture of the four generations!
dad and Jewell also spoiled me with a trip to the hair salon! it felt so good to get my hair done. REALLY made me feel like a woman again and not just another tattered mom. sorry for lack of picture but I'm keeping what i have done to it a surprise for Tyler, but i promise to post pictures soon!                             

just a quickie update on baby laylee! she is getting huge! so heavy i can hardly pick her up (I'm going to have to start lifting weights to keep up with her rapid growth rate!) she is so much more expressive now than she was when we brought her home! she will be 3 months old on the 27th of this month! she has officially graduated out of all her newborn clothes and is on her 0 to 3 (not that i think she'll be in those long either). we are so excited to see her getting bigger! its been an awesome (and exhausting) journey for us as new parents.

and since it's been a while... here's an update on Tyler's hand. he is going back in for a second surgery on his thumb to correct a piece of fractured bone that is protruding out and causing him a significant amount of pain whenever he bumps it on anything. that will take place on the 5th of October and baby laylee and i will be going with him to pueblo.
well, that's all the updates i have for now! i will be posting again before we leave to head back to la jara. hope you are all enjoying the blog!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Montana trip

so we headed out monday morning of last week to go see my mother in law (tina) at 4 a.m. we were soooo tired  and were totally not looking forward to the 15 hour trip in a cramped car with a 2 month old baby. things started out okay. we both had nice big mugs full of coffee that we were chugging trying to give ourselves a good boost of energy. hours past by SOOOO slow and tyler and i were both getting tired fast. it seemed like the day was never going to end. we had to make a lot of stops for laylee feedings and such. it put us behind a lot and both ty and i were getting severely frustrated. as most of you know my husband struggles with classic lead foot problems (which gets worse when he's tired and or frustrated.) as fate would have it, we got pulled over in casper, wy. the police officer had clocked us going 15 over and wrote us a citation for $150. needless to say that was NOT what we needed after already having driven 9 hours. the tension was pretty thick after that between tyler and i and we thought it best to just focus on getting us there safely. over all laylee was a TOTAL trooper! she slept a good portion of the way and only fussed when she was hungry or dirty.

sweet dreams
monkey face!
sunrise on our way out of town

at this point in our trip the sun was going down and we were realizing that the trip was going to get alot harder. we couldn't see road signs (not that there were many around to be read anyway) and we felt like we were getting more and more turned around. laylee must have felt the tension because she became very fussy and insecure. she had an other worldly death grip on my finger. 

 as we approached circle (the nearest podunk town to wolf point) we got totally lost. we drove for what felt like forever! and to make matters worse, we were trying to contact tylers mother to make sure we were headed in the right direction... but neither of us had ANY cell service. to make a long story longer, we FINALLY made it to wolf point.. and can i just say that it is the smallest middle of no where town i have ever been in... and ty and i live in the very small town of la jara colorado (which for those of you who haven't been there consists of a family dollar, two liquor stores, a gas station, a small grocery store and a laundromat). tina was SO excited to see us and meet baby laylee she met us outside of the house and immediately gave us all big hugs and kisses. completely exhausted, we dragged our bare nessecities into the house and set up shop in the spare bedroom mom and tobin had prepared for us. the three of us stayed up for a few and caught up while mom enjoyed holding her grand baby for the first time.

tyler and i turned in for the night at about 1 a.m. with little baby laylee snuggled between us. we all slept well. laylee only woke us up once that night to eat. when she woke up again at 7 a.m. nana tina was more than happy to take her off our hands so we could catch up on some much needed sleep. tyler and i slept peacefully and baby free till' 1 in the afternoon. we got up, took much needed showers and got ready for the day. mom had to work so we packed laylee in the car and decided to go check out the town of wolf point, Montana (which took all of about 10 minutes). we visited mom at work and showed off our cute little laylee then hit up a few local stores (laylee slept the whole time)

when we got home we all laid back and just took some time to really relax and recover from our crazy hellacious drive. we set up the baby swing and let laylee spend a little fun time in a familiar place while ty and i watched t.v. and i worked on my hats.

later that night when tobin and mom both got home from work, they got to really spend some quality time with laylee. tobin even got brave enough and changed a dirty diaper!

we passed out early that night after we put laylee down to sleep in her swing. mom had the day off the next morning and told ty and i that she wanted to take us down to see the museum and some historical sights. we packed up and left the house around 10 a.m. and made the 45 minute drive to the fish hatchery. we weren't sure if they were closed or it was just super boring but we spent just a few short minutes walking around and looking at the fish they had stuffed and placed behind a glass sheet with information on all the different kinds of fish they hatch. we headed off to the museum (which was actually REALLY cool.) laylee had alot of fun looking at all the different sights.

after a LONG day out seeing the sights laylee was exhausted and totally ready for bed. we made her a nice big warm bottle and she passed right out on her daddy's lap.

after baby laylee was resting, tina suggested tyler and i go out on the town and have a date night since we hadn't really been on one since we brought the baby home. tina dolled me up and tyler and i headed out to the elk lodge. we listened to music and hung out with a few of mom's friends. over all the night turned out okay and it was great to spend some alone time with ty and blow off  a little steam.

the next morning tyler and i slept in because we had made plans with tina and tobin to go out and have a good time before our trip was over.the day flew by and before we knew it we were getting ready to go to stockman's bar (where tina bartends). it was karaoke night and every one was having a blast singing tunes to all there favorite songs. tina asked some one to sing "simple man" (her song to tyler) and drug ty onto the dance floor for a memorable mother / son slow dance. it was so sweet to watch and i couldn't help but think "that's why i married that man." he has always so good to his mother. i LOVE that about him.

                                 tyler and i enjoyed a few dances together before the night was over

                     the next morning we were all pretty zonked, so we took turn napping with little laylee

  later that day when we were all feeling a little more alive, we gave laylee a bath. she seemed to enjoy it alot.

after laylees bath we got dressed and ready to take pictures. mom had really wanted some nice family pictures of all of us together before we left. heres the whole crew!

when family photos were done we finnished packing everything up so we could make the long trip from montana to salt lake city the next morning. we woke up at 5 a.m. got our things together and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee with mom. we gave eachother hugs and kisses and prepared to say goodbye

we packed laylee in her carseat and said our goodbyes. it was so hard for us to leave, but we promised to see eachother again soon.

love you grandma