the olsen fam

the olsen fam

Monday, November 15, 2010

nov. 15th! 2010

as some of you know, this Utah trip has been hellacious and not the best one we've ever had... but on the bright side we did get laylee in for a photo shoot with one of Ali's pro photographer friends for her first baby pictures! it turned out great! and we got some cute memorable pictures of our precious baby girl! here are a few of the Christmas themed ones we took.

and here are the precious (kind of haloweeny themed) pics of laylee! these are my favorite i think!

and finally... she's had enough! lol
 surprisingly, laylee did quite well throughout the photo shoot! especially for having a wicked head cold! i was so happy we were able to at least get a few of her precious gummy grins!
as far as updates.. i cut my hair up to shoulder length! it is quite cute.. and much easier to manage than my long mane i had been growing out since i was pregnant with laylee! our baby girl is growing up! she is very fiery and independent. she definitely knows what she wants when she wants it! she loves watching movies or cartoons early in the morning and loves her mommy and daddy snuggles (as long as you don't mooch on her too much). she is teething so she is constantly chewing on something (i.e. blankies, her hands.. my hands.. etc.) unlike most babies she is cutting her little incisors, instead of her two front teeth! in spite of her mouth pain... she is a fairly happy child. we are still working on her rolling over. she has only done it a few times. we are also working on her sitting up (she still has a ways to go with that one!) she is constantly cooing and smiling and its becoming apparent that she understands us, and is making her best baby effort to talk back!. we haven't heard any "words" form yet... but she definitely has the whole communicating idea down pat (she talks to her morning cartoons all the time.) we are headed back to la jara tomorrow! and are very excited to be reunited with big daddy ty!.
i still have yet to be able to load the more recent videos of laylee... i will keep trying because if i succeed it will be well worth my efforts! thats all for now guys! thanks for staying up to date with us!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

tylers hunting trip

so this week was third season and time for Ty and his dad to go hunting! he was so excited during their preparations to go. laylee and i are here in slc once again while the boys are off shootin shiz. Tyler doesn't have any reception up at the camp site, so i wont be able to talk to him until they come back down to shower and such. laylee is currently watching "a bugs life" and loving it! that kid never ceases to amaze me. i put on a cartoon and she is so enthralled by it. it makes me laugh how much she is like me. amber and the the kiddos are coming down to hang out with us for a few hours. I'm so blown away by how big the kids are getting! little Preston looks like her weighs more than laylee! and she older than he is by about three weeks! his nickname "bubba" is starting to suite him. laylee is trying to sit up and can hold her head up on her own. shes not talking yet... but she'd have to be a genius baby to be talking at four months. we tried to start her on rice cereal and she didn't like it at all! the first night we tried it i thought maybe it might just have been the transition from bottle to spoon... but then the second night she broke out in a small rash and was throwing up and screaming all night. so i think until we can get back to Colorado were just going to stick to formula. here's a couple really cute pics of laylee sitting up and watching cartoons
she looks so much like her daddy
laylee is growing up to be such a pistol.she really knows what she wants when she wants it.. and she not afraid to vocalize her opinion. i am going to get my hair cut at 2 and hopefully it will help with my hair loss and thin hair issues. i will post pics after i get home. i am scheduled to graduate in December and will (if everything goes according to plan) be enrolled in college for med school by next semester! I've gotta go so i can finish my essay. wish me luck!