the olsen fam

the olsen fam

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


so we are now in a time of making quite a few decisions that will change the course of our families life. i am now a high school graduate and am currently searching for a nursing program to get into. it is very hard to get into the medical field at all right now because things are SO competitive. the only two programs that don't have at least a two year wait are a surgical assistance internship In pueblo, and a medical assisting program in Colorado springs. we have an appointment to tour the school in Colorado springs on January 7th at two pm. if i get accepted there... then that is where we will be located for the next year or two. i am also currently looking into nursing programs in salt lake city Utah. so far i have found three schools that look reputable that i would like to get into. i have not yet heard back from them to see if they have any current availability. all i can do is hope and pray that i will be able to get into one.. and that everything else will just fall into place.

laylee was in the hospital two days ago for a bad wheeze and cough she has had on and off for about a month now. during church on Sunday it got really bad and we noticed she was having trouble breathing. we rushed her in to get looked at and they told us that everything looked okay but that they wanted to start her on breathing treatments three times daily. if they helped it would most likely narrow it down to asthma. which both Ty and i have. they seem to have helped her alot. she still has a small cough, but it is mild compared to the wheezing she has been experiencing. she now weighs a whopping 13.2 lbs! she is our little monster! she is very long like her dad.. fitting into big clothes... but not quite filling them out yet. she also has her grandma Tina's gorgeous bright baby blues! we hope she keeps them! they are intoxicatingly beautiful!

things have been okay at home.. a little stressful with all of these big changes coming up on us so quickly. we
recently celebrated Kylie's 18th birthday at the bowling alley! we all had so much fun. there was pizza and cake (which i have to admit was horrible for my lose baby weight diet!!!) and lots of great little presents for Ky.
ty being a goof while bowling
drama king
ky bday cake!
bad teenagers... smoking their candles
ummmmm.. whats going on? why isn't any one paying attention to me!?
the big present!
its a new car!!!  

the shock and awwwe
realizing that its REALLY hers!
crying... in her brand new dodge neon!
 ky was so excited for her BIG present! she got a brand new dodge neon! she was so excited she was crying! it was so much fun to see her face when we pulled it around the front! we followed her home to make sure she was safe. she is loving her new car...

Ty's hand is doing better all the time. he has an appointment for a second opinion from a Dr. in Denver on the 6th of January. we will see what he says about his progress and see if he agrees with Dr marins orders to continue therapy...

that's all the updates i have for right now! more coming very soon!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

this week.

 has been a little crazy but over all good. it started with the decoration of gaylyn's christmas tree. ty, gaylyn, kylie, her boy friend and myself got together and decorated the tree! here are some pics of all of us pitchin in on the tree!!!
the tree, before all the pretty decorations
ty being a wierdo...
laylee with auntie ky
and the final product!!
not much happened between decorating for christmas and my graduation on dec 10th. just simple preperations for the big day. just so happened to be that the teacher i got my information from for the graduation... doesn't speak very good english! she had told me to be at the school at 6:15 for pictures prior to the actual "graduation." so i wake up my poor tired family and pump us all full of coffee, only to drive up to an empty parking lot. we all panicked, thinking something had gone wrong and we had missed the whole thing. but it turns out that the ceramony wasn't until 7 p.m.! so we got back in the car and drove the 2 miles home. i went right back to sleep and left ty to take care of laylee. since he was undergoing the ultimate in caffine high... he didn't mind.
7p.m. FINALLY rolled around and we made it to the school plenty early! pictures were taken by the tree as we went through the program and got ready to make the big walk.
the intitial walk down the stairs was nerve racking! i couldnt believe how nervous i was to be graduating... even though all the worst parts were over! the pic came out a tad bit blurry... i was practically running past all the strangers to get to my chair!
i was asked to say the prayer. i think i did okay, despite how shaky i was.
during graduation there was a "candle and rose" ceramony. you give the candle to some one you want to finnish their education. i passed my candle to kylie. she has really been struggling to stay in school. i hope the act of giving her the candle will inspire her to stay in school and get her education. the rose is sapposse3d to be given to some one you'd like to thank for being there for you during the difficult times in attaining the education. the rose was of course passed to tyler!

ty with his sexy rose!
then came the actual graduation! they called me up, and gave me my diploma. i was so excited! i couldnt stop giggling through the whole thing!
recieving the diploma

my inspiration for finnishing school!
after the graduation, it was off to celebrate doing black light and laser bowling!! we were expecting more people, but it just ended up being me, dad, ty and baby laylee
me bowling a gutter...
ty and emmy!
ty gettin freaky with bowling ball... lol
laylee fell asleep for a bit
my silly babies!
laylee and daddy
gpa olsen and laylee bug!
ty and grandpa olsen
me and ty being goofy!
ty bowling good!
over all we had so much fun! and i am super proud of myself for getting school done! now i am searching for a school where i can get my l.p.n. and move on to become a nurse! skies the limit for me now! woopeeeeee!

Monday, December 6, 2010

december updates!!!

hey every one! sorry it has been so damn long since i have updated but there have been alot of new changes goin on in our world! number one on my list... i am finally graduating high school!!! it will be official when i recieve my diploma in my cap and gown on friday the 10th of dec at 7 a.m.! i am so excited and just want to thank every one who helped encourage me to finnish! this is a huge step in my life and can't wait to really take advantage of it and go to college. we spent thanksgiving with ty's family in riverton utah. it was alot of fun and we were able to celebrate my upcoming graduation. here are a few pics of our fun night out at trafalga!
ty's cousin christina and her freidns baby, jackson!

laylee riding a motor cycle!

riding motorcycle with daddy!

turning in our tickets!

the whole gang after mini golf!

grandpa sorensen making funny faces!

momma and baby laylee playin black light mini golf
grandpa olsen and lil parker
daddy and his angel
from left to roght... uncle chad, niece avery and me!

after thanksgiving we made the long trip back home! traveling with laylee is getting difficult. she is more and more vocal about how upset being in her carseat makes her! which is one of the reasons its hard for us to make it to the library to update this blog! lol. any way... small updates on laylee. she is in size 2 diapers! and is almost as tall as her cousin avery who is 11 months old!!! she is going to be super tall like her daddy! she is so smiley and is starting to giggle frequently. it is the cutest thing EVER!!! here are a few updated pictures of our baby who... isn't much of a baby any more!
having fun in her swing!
i like to play with my feet!
straddling the baby bather... we don't know why she does this..

laylee grinning! because she's teething... she always has her toungue out like this... chewing on it

laylee and goofy daddy

poppin a squat on dad's shoulder

big daddy ty... struggling to change a poopy diaper! lol
and so every one knows! if you wanna come to the graduation ceremony it starts at 7 a.m. at the new horizons school! every one is welcome!