the olsen fam

the olsen fam

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

hard times...

so there are alot of new updates for me... i am gaining weight like their is no tomorrow and I'm 24 and balding. its continually getting worse and the Dr.s are still running tests to find a good solution for me. so i went down to Colorado springs with Ty and sold ALL of the clothes i no longer fit into and Tyler took me shopping and bought me new clothes so at least i feel like i can fit into my wardrobe. i am now a size 9! i don't think in my life i have EVER been this big and I've hit a mild state of depression (which i am also currently medicated for). Tyler's hand is doing OK. the Dr.s think the motion of his ring finger is as good as it is going to get... which isn't saying much because it doesn't bend very far at all. also his stitches were removed too early we think, because his incision keeps breaking open and is blistering all around his cut.  laylee is doing okay. she is starting to talk alot and she is getting very close to her first word... were dying to know what it is going to be. she is a whopping 11 lbs 1 oz and constantly getting bigger! she still has a flat bald spot on the back of her head so she is suffering alot of tummy time right now (which by the way she HATES!). she has also been diagnosed with my bowel problems... which is not going to be fun for her over the years of her life. we are still trying to find a solution that gives her some relief. i have still been unable to upload any of the cute vids of laylee from the library so i apologize for that. i am visiting the family in salt lake while Tyler is on hunting season... so i will do it then for every one! until then here are some precious pics of our fam!
daddy and baby laylee watching Sunday night football!
laylee looks so upset! lol
flower Bink!
tummy time
as some of you know, elder baker left for Colorado springs last week. we have been very sad since he left. he's the one who brought the gospel to our family and baptized Ty.. along with countless other acts of kindness towards our family. we miss him so very much. we did get to see him yesterday for a few minutes while in springs! it was great to see him again! here are a few pictures from the day before he left!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


so its elders "p" day once again and we are FINALLY able to update the blog. we have had quite the week and a seriously busy day. as most of you know ty did undergo surgery on the 8th. he is doing fantastic aside from the occasional bumping his hand on random things (i.e. the wall in the middle of the night). here are a few photos of ty before his surgery. i didn't take any after pics.. he looked pretty drugged so out of respect i decided against any post surgery pics.

this is soooo cool! one poke was for the i.v. the other was for the local anesthetic! awesome how they do this now!

so the way dr. marins office does thie anesthetic, is they place a pressure cuff on the upper arm and completely drain the blood out of the area being operated on while simulatiously pumping numbing meds into his veins (replacing the blood for a short period of time). i thought this was so hella cool! i didn't know they could do that with minor surgeries!. everything went REALLY smoothly. the surgery only lasted an hour and a half which was expected for what was being done. the made a small incision on his left thumb and shaved down the small piece of bone that was protruding out. he seems to be doing much better now that he doesnt have that little piece of bone constantly bothering him. 
laylee is doing awesome! she is a whopping 10 lbs and some 4 odd ozs now! she is getting very heavy! she is more and more smiley! here are a few SERIOUSLY CUTE pictures of her from over the last week. she is also starting to try to hold her own bottles when she eats. she can only do it with the assistance of a blanky... but i think shes enjoying her new found independence!
laylee crashed out!

laylee enjoying her milk!
 she is pretty good for us MOST of the time. but there are days when we've had to call grandpa olsen to come give us both a small but much needed break!

laylee LOVES her grandparents
sorry its sideways, but heres the watermelon hat!
i'm also adding a picture of the new watermelon hat design modeled by cutie patootie baby laylee! i will be posting all of the hats as soon as i can so any one interested in ordering one can just come here and see them all on a baby!
i was going to upload some cute videos of laylee... but aparently this computer is retarded! so i will be doing it at the other library as soon as i can. sorry guys i did try!
an update on school... i just took a portion of my math test today! it is worth 1/2 credit and i need all four credits to pass my complete math section! i am very excited and appreciate all the love and support i have recieved from family and friends. i also contacted adams state college about courses since i will hopfully be enrolling soon. i am scheduled to go to a "discover day" on oct 30th. it is a guidedd tour of the college including mock classes and a few lectures from the teachers. i am super excited as they are having one of their nursing teachers give an example class (nursing is one of the few things id like to look into in the medical feild). all i have to do now is attend! i will update on how it goes as the time gets closer. well thats all the updates for this week! as i said i will try to load the videos before too long!
much love to every one!