the olsen fam

the olsen fam

Saturday, January 29, 2011

at the library...

dont have long to update today because the library across from our home only allows me an hr a day to use internet access and i had a butt ton of research to do for a medical paper due monday, on where id like to see my medical training go and what id like to be doing in the long run. so quick update on everything... school is great! i am loving every minute of it! i started on the 26th and at the end of the week i was only three days in. so i am still a newbie, but am looking forward to getting more educated as i go along. ty is still waiting for his settlement check... so every day is a constant worry that we may financially go under... but we are surviving and making things happen however we can. laylee has struggled to adjust to the new house and to mommy being gone at school. tyler is working hard to stay sane dealing with a screaming child every day while mommy fills her brain with new information. we are hoping that by the end of the month and this first modular of classes that things will fall into place and everything will start to calm down. life is going at a very fast pace for us right now.. but over all we are doing well!!! thats all the updating i have time for today, but hopfully very soon i can have some more time to get new pics up of my class time and my precious family! thanks for keeping up with us guys!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

christmas and new tattoos!!!

Christmas this year was insane!!! we were originally planning to go stay the night over at gaylyns on Christmas eve so he didn't have to spend Christmas morning alone... but then laylee decided she was going to be a butt face and misbehave. so we put her straight to bed and went to sleep early. Tyler still hasn't received his check so i have yet to get my Christmas gift from Tyler... but i am getting part of it tomorrow when i get my tattoo done! i will upload more pics when its done. here are some of the fun pics from Christmas!
laylee playing with a Christmas bow!

realizing shes been caught with it!! lol
auntie Ky giving Kissie's